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The WORST Places to Spill Your Coffee

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Spilling your coffee can be both very hot and not so hot, in a manner of speaking. Of course, where you spill your coffee may add to the discomfort, so if coffee is going to be spilled, better hope that you:

  1. spill when no one is watching, particularly women;
  2. have easy access to a change of clothes; and,
  3. have an emergency plan in place.

It doesn’t make it any better; however it might make it less embarrassing. But there are some places where I try to never spill coffee: 

Bus: Spill in the car and only you notice. Spill in the bus, and the entire city notices.

Transatlantic flight: This is 100-times worse than the bus since you probably have hours before you can change your clothes. Next thing you know, a flight attendant is pressing paper towels on your pants. Stick with water on those long trips.

First date: Nothing says “one and done” like spilling coffee in your lap after exchanging pleasantries at the coffee shop.

Business meeting: Contrary to popular belief, being the office clown because you spill things does not do wonders for professional stability – especially if you spill coffee on your boss’s computer during a meeting.

Pulling into the parking garage for work: It’s not as bad as doing it around the conference table (as noted above), but more often than not you end up going all the way back home to change. Hello, global warming!

At a comedy club: Sure, you’d rather be drinking a beer while enjoying the comedy stylings of Yakov Smirnoff. But if you’re second row and you go for coffee and spill it — man, that would suck to be the butt of a Yakov rant.

Movie theater: Why you would be drinking coffee in here is anyone’s guess, as coffee and popcorn go together like Kanye West and class. But it wouldn’t be good if you spilled your coffee during Terminator on the 6’4 bodybuilder sitting next to you who’s there to see his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In bed before you begin the day: According to data, white is the most common color of bed sheets. So beyond putting a big brown stain on your favorite sheets, the sheer burn of waking up to spilt coffee on your chest ... well, there are better ways to start the day.

The lesson here: Don’t be the bungler of the brew. Try to keep the cup in your hands. 

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