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​P.S. I Love You (The Coffee Edition)

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Valentine's Day. Some call it a day of consumer driven sentimentality. (Not me, mind you. Not unless I want to get The Glare from the wife.) It’s a day where loved ones exchange candy, gifts and flowers to show their appreciation for one another. Whether you avoid this holiday or tap your toes for it to arrive, the world seems to make a big deal about it. Nearly 1 billion cards are exchanged each year, and over $1 billion is spent on chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

This year, I plan to show my appreciation, too — just not in the conventional way. Chocolate is fine and all, but I come from a coffee-loving family. You can weasel your way into someone’s hearts with chocolates, I suppose, but if you want to stay there, you’ve got to bring out the big guns. And that means coffee. So, for all of the lovely women of my family, I’ve decided to get them a little “Thanks for loving me and letting me go fishing” gift. This is a great idea (not to pat myself on the back or anything). See below:

For my mama: This is the woman who took care of me my whole life. She’s darn near a saint. Nothing I do could ever come close to doing enough to repay her, but I’ll try. And by try, I mean putting together a basket of all of her favorites to help her have some peaceful, perfect mornings. I’ve put in some Café Valet refills for her brewer, paired them with some snacks and a new coffee mug, and added in a new book from her favorite author. You’ve got to be good to your mama.

For my oldest sis who has a house full of her own: This magic cup is perfect for two reasons: First, she loves obnoxiously bright colors, and second, she has to be able to see through her cups. Yeah, she is an odd duck, but it’s not entirely her fault. Considering that one year we kept messing with her food and drink when we were kids, the poor girl is simply scared.

For my youngest (and quirkiest) sister: I’ve ordered her Coffee Gives Me Superpowers. (She’s a little bit of a nerd; we try not to tease her too much for it.) She just has to be the biggest joker within a five-mile radius, so I know she’ll appreciate this read.

For my decorative daughter: My little girl just bought a house and has been itching for some decorations. She’s obsessed with coffee (just like her dear ol’ dad), and I figured she’d swoon over some sentimental stuff. Since she has always enjoyed my woodworking skills, I’ve decided to make her a rack for all of her favorite mugs. I’m thinking something similar to one of these.

For my beloved wife: My wife has somehow been putting up with me for the past two decades — I’m a lucky guy. I know it. I also know she’ll want a gift that she’ll use, and seeing as how she is a natural athlete, I’ve got just the thing in mind. Right now, her passion is cycling. She’ll love to wear this outfit in her spin class, and I’ll love it on her.

Aside from these goodies, I’ll be giving each of them a refill for their Café Valet brewers. Look at me, being all Mr. Sentimental. I’ll definitely be getting brownie points for these gifts. (Well, some of them. I think my sisters might have something to say about theirs.) But at least I’ll be signing each note with “P.S. I clearly love you — hence the coffee.” That should help.

Source: 25 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

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