Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Posted by Café Valet Team on Feb 3rd 2016

We are a full month into 2016 and the sad reality is that most of us have already long abandoned our New Year's resolution(s). We're here to say, "Not so fast!"

It's not too late to get back on track. We all know that healthy choices make a healthy life. Here we outline the myriad of health benefits from one small lifestyle change: ditch energy drinks and embrace coffee!

Coffee lovers likely already know the wonders of coffee, but did you know that in addition to providing glorious energy in the form of caffeine, it's helping you prevent certain diseases, encouraging weight loss and giving you plenty of B vitamins? Did you know that energy drinks essentially do the opposite?

We've collected data from several reputable studies (linked below) in an effort to demonstrate how coffee fits into a healthy, active lifestyle. 

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