Coffee Isn't Just for Mornings

Posted by Jo Momma on Oct 27th 2015

Recently, I’ve been thinking back on when my kids were born at the hospital. Lots of nurses and doctors worked overnight to take care of us. They needed coffee to deliver my kids and care for us. Ironic. Now I need coffee because of my children. (I wonder if coffee companies know just how much they owe kids.)

But that little trip down memory lane got me thinking. My morning cup of coffee is pretty much a staple. Sometimes I don’t think I can even make coffee without drinking a cup of coffee first. (My husband scores major bonus points when he brings a big mug full of it to me in bed.) So for me, coffee = morning.

That said, coffee is for sure not just for mornings. Coffee is essential to pretty much every phase of my day.

Like many busy women all around the world, I've typically crammed a full day's worth of activities into those few morning hours. By the time I get to lunch, I need a mug of that liquid gold just to get through the back half of the day.

After spending the entire day taking care of the family and chasing to-do lists at work, I want to relax and do something for me. But at night time, it is hard to find the energy. For me, dessert and coffee go together like cookies ‘n’ cream or Sonny and Cher. Sure, a lot of people worry about coffee keeping them up. But I’m not sure how you get through a Netflix binge or catch those occasional meteor showers or simply see a movie after dinner if you don’t get a little assist from that liquid black magic.

To top it all off, coffee gives me the energy I need to run around, not just after my kids but also at the gym. To get the best workout buzz, I find a good cup of java can do a world of good. Some of the people in my Zumba class swear by coffee as a “performance enhancer.” In fact, I read that coffee actually improves your running time, which would have been great to know back when we used to run 5Ks and 10Ks (you know, when we actually had “free” time). So, no matter when you exercise, there’s a moment that’s perfect for a good cup of coffee. (Personally, I keep it black; that way I avoid adding to the calories that I’m trying to lose!)

Morning staple, afternoon delight or novel nightcap — no matter who you are or what the clock says, there’s always a good time for coffee.