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American Moments in Coffee History

According to legend, coffee was first discovered by an ancient Ethiopian goat herder who noticed how excited goats became after eating the beans from a coffee plant. Yet while history might suggest that coffee comes from Africa, I’m not having it. Coffee is as American as touchdowns, pickup trucks and one-armed pushups. So, as we approach America's birthday [...]

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Real World People

I’m a guy who loves a great conversation. As I walk, longboard and Uber myself around town, I occasionally find myself stopping to strike up conversations with those around me. I’ve met quite an eclectic bunch of people in my short time in the post-college real world, but most of the people that I meet [...]

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10 Funniest Coffee Mugs

You can tell a lot about a person based on their coffee mug. You can tell whether that person is nice, mean, has kids, enjoys people and so on.A coffee mug can also tell you a lot about their sense of humor. Here’s a compilation of the 10 funniest coffee mugs I have come across:1. A perfect mug for [...]

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Five Great Nights (and the Day After)

Work hard, play hard. When I’m at work, I work. When I play, I love taking boys’ trips. Maybe it’s a weekend baseball series, fly fishing, the French Quarter — it’s all good. And of course, each morning after, there’s always a need for my coffee.So here are my top five memories:New Orleans: A group [...]

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A Confession from a Coffee Addict

Hi. I’m Joseph — and I’m a coffeeholic.Rarely do you see me without a cup of coffee in my hand. Before work, after work, in the shower, at the CrossFit gym — no matter what, I’m probably pounding the coffee.I used to go to coffee shops to get my fix. But once I got onboard [...]

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Are You "Coffee Poor"?

Much as I do to my kids, I could bore you with stories of yesteryear about buying a hamburger, fries and a Coke for less than a dollar and using the spare change to go to a movie — but that gets old fast.It’s fresh on my mind, however, as we were just reviewing the family budget and [...]

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Hey Joe…Where You Goin’ With That Mug in Your Hand?

Where am I going? I’ll tell you where. I’m going for a good cup of coffee. No, I don’t need a barista to make it. I don’t need to drink a cup that costs me nearly $5. And I certainly don’t need my coffee to come with a back scratcher. Let me repeat: I’m just an everyday Joe [...]

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