4 Signs Coffee Controls Your Waking Existence

Posted by Joseph Millennial on Nov 24th 2015

Something as adored as coffee really does control a lot of our day. But we let it steer our days because we love it and its many benefits. Just think about it: Coffee is the second most valuable commodity worldwide, after only oil. As one of the most cherished drinks around the world, it really does have a lot of pull. Don’t believe me? I’ve put together this list which is called: 4 Signs Coffee Controls Your Waking Existence.

  1. Notice how I said “waking existence.” Even if you're the most reluctant morning person, coffee has the magical power to get you out of bed and energized for the day. Alarm clock blaring in your ear? Time for coffee! Long day ahead? Serve me up that cup of joe. You know this drink’s got a lot of power when it is the reason you get out of bed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s woken up dreading a difficult day ahead, only to find that the thought of starting the day with my favorite drink was enough of a pull to get me up and moving. Without it, I’m sure my bed would be desk.
  2. You always have coffee within arm’s reach, particularly if you’re going through a stressful time. Kids get to have stuffed animals and cozy blankets. We adults get to have our coffee. When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, like life is throwing me a curveball, coffee always helps me bolster up and power through it. Because it’s both comforting and energizing, it’s part of what gets me through a challenge. I’m not saying I owe it all to coffee, but it’s definitely contributed to acing a few colossal tests, wowing at some job interviews and helping me look like I know what I’m doing when I’m completely in over my head (which is often).
  3. Don’t you think coffee is magically perfect for every season, no matter the weather? It’s nuts, because there’s nothing quite like it. It could be any temperature out, and I’d still want a coffee. Hot coffee with cinnamon in the winter. Something light and airy (like a latte) in the spring. A refreshing iced coffee during a poolside summer day. A gently warm black coffee on those crisp autumn evenings. You can’t get away from it — every time of year seems to be the perfect time for coffee.
  4. We’ve established that coffee is ubiquitous year-round, but a true coffee aficionado should have an almost magical talent for finding coffee everywhere. If you pay attention, coffee can be found in nearly every establishment you enter, all day long. Of course, you start your day with a homemade cup from your own coffee maker. But your morning route will inevitably lead you past a coffee shop on your way to work or class. Your desk will be strategically situated near the coffee maker in your office, or you’ll know exactly where the coffee machines are around your college campus. In the evening, the restaurant you eat at will always offer coffee. And you’ll even find a way to have a coffee for that evening stroll through the park, because it always sounds nice. Even if you’re traveling, coffee’s in your hotel room, on your flight, in the airport, on the train — it’s everywhere. Is there anything thing else that’s as ever-present throughout your day as coffee?

Don’t get me wrong, coffee allegiance — none of these things are bad. The drink’s heavy hand in our lives is more like a good friend who’s always there, one you’d be lost without. I know I could get through my day without coffee (at least that’s what I tell myself), but with coffee, life’s just better. It makes me wake up on the right side of the bed and gives me my jolt of energy before I head out to tackle the world, and if I start to lag or hit a bump in the road, coffee is almost always right at my fingertips to refill. Who wouldn't want to pledge allegiance to that kind of benevolent leader?