The Café Valet Difference

If you’re someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee with whatever you’re doing at home, at work, at school ... you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Café Valet experience: rich, delicious, single-serving coffee, fast and easy. Whether you prefer traditional drip-style or pressure-brewed capsule coffee, our Café Valet Single-Serve Coffee System® and Café Valet Barista® Single-Serve Coffee Maker both offer an unbeatable combination of great taste, incredible convenience and exceptional value.

They’re the product of our considerable experience and expertise in the coffee business. We’ve been supplying coffee service to the hospitality industry for over 60 years, and our patented Café Valet Single-Serve systems brew more than 100 million cups for North American hotel guests every year.


Here’s what sets Café Valet apart from other brands:



  • We source only dark-roasted, 100% Arabica coffee for our filter packs and capsules.
  • Our coffee is nitrogen flushed to ensure long-lasting freshness and consistent flavor.
  • Our brewers create optimum flavor-extraction conditions to yield the finest taste.



  • Both the Café Valet Platinum drip-style brewer and Café Valet Barista capsule brewer only require a few simple steps to make a cup of coffee.
  • Coffee is ready in just minutes, spent brew baskets and capsules get discarded and there’s nothing to clean.
  • You can put either brewer virtually anywhere—the Platinum occupies just 36.25 square inches of space, while the Barista occupies just 55 square inches.



  • Our brewers start at just $24.99—a savings of more than $100 versus other brands, in some cases.
  • Our system saves you money by using less power—only 500 watts—and water than other brands.


To enjoy cup after delicious cup of coffee the Café Valet way, order your system here!