The Café Valet Story

We Know Coffee!

For more than 60 years Courtesy Products, our parent company, has been setting the standards for innovation, value and customer service in the coffee service business. In 2003 we introduced the Café Valet Single-Serve Coffee System® to the hospitality industry and revolutionized the way coffee is consumed in hotel rooms across North America.


Since then, hundreds of millions of hotel guests have used Café Valet to enjoy fresh, delicious, coffee, one easy cup at a time. After receiving countless inquiries from satisfied travelers, we made our patented Café Valet system available to everyone. That means you can get a great-tasting, 10 oz. cup of drip-style coffee in just minutes—at home, school, the office, practically anywhere.


If you prefer the convenience of capsule-brewed coffee, try our Café Valet Barista® machine. It’s compatible with all capsules, including our own delicious Café Valet coffee.


We designed both systems to deliver cup after satisfying cup of hassle-free coffee … just take your pick!