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​Guide to Adult Coffee Beverages

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I am a coffee-holic. My day doesn’t begin until at least one much-needed dark roast has been inhaled. Most moms can probably understand why I need the extra strength — balancing cleaning, shopping, packing lunches and laundry on top of work can become overwhelming. On the rare occasion [...]

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8 Ways That Coffee Comes in Handy

The other day, I was working on a scuffed-up piece of furniture, and instead of running to the store for stain, I took to Google to get some ideas. Turns out, I had exactly what I needed … in the kitchen. Coffee grounds helped me stain the furniture back to its original shade. All I [...]

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Add a Jolt to Dessert

Everyone knows that coffee is magical. If all it did for us every day was to help us stay awake after all of those I-stayed-up-till-midnight-and-still-didn’t-get-it-all-done sleepless nights, we would still owe coffee a lot. But coffee is so magical that it can do even more than just get me through a drowsy day. Coffee can [...]

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7 top sites for coffee mug shopping

Winter is generally frigid and dreary. Bare branches and gray skies. The freezing temperatures chill me to my bones. That’s why coffee is such a critical part of my daily routine for this season. (Well, if I’m being honest, coffee is critical to my routine during every season, but it becomes especially uplifting for me during these cold, [...]

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Santa needs coffee — not milk

Those of us who celebrate Christmas are taught as youngsters that, if we behave, Santa Claus will leave presents under the tree. We are encouraged to leave Santa milk and cookies so that he can treat himself during a hard night’s work of flying around the globe and dropping off gifts.The short reality is that [...]

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Coffee Rant: Civet Coffee

Call us old fashioned, but at Café Valet, we don’t think coffee should cost more than an average monthly phone bill. Produced in the jungles of Indonesia, civet coffee costs up to $80 per cup. But, that’s not the most disturbing part about this pretentious so-called culinary delight. Civet coffee is made from coffee beans [...]

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Coffee Rant: Let’s Talk About Latte Art

At Cafe Valet, we like to keep things simple. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not big on pretension. When we think about a cup of coffee, we’re not looking for an art history major to try to recreate Van Gogh’s The Starry Night with foamed milk. We’re just looking for a delicious cup [...]

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Coffee Rant: It’s Just Coffee

Coffee has apparently gotten really complex lately. With an increasingly well educated staff of baristas, they have concocted a cornucopia of cappuccinos, macchiatos, chocolate lattes, and much more, all of which are apparently compassionately harvested. At Cafe Valet, we do one thing and do it well - make a delicious cup of coffee in under [...]

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4 Signs Coffee Controls Your Waking Existence

Something as adored as coffee really does control a lot of our day. But we let it steer our days because we love it and its many benefits. Just think about it: Coffee is the second most valuable commodity worldwide, after only oil. As one of the most cherished drinks around the world, it really [...]

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Coffee Convenience: Location, Location, Location

Location, location, location. We hear a lot about it in real estate. But real estate doesn’t pump through my veins at the pace of Rusty Wallace around Talladega Superspeedway.Coffee, of course, does. I’m always sippin’. I am also always looking for ways to, well, increase the efficiency of my coffee intake. So recently I’ve been [...]

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