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  • Caribou Coffee French Roast Decaf
  • Remove disposable brew basket with coffee
  • Insert tray into Cafe Valet brewer
  • Pour in 8 to 10 ounces of water
  • Push the Start Button
  • When the light goes off, your coffee is ready.
  • Toss the used tray and filter pack.

Caribou Coffee French Roast Decaf - 96ct

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    Why the Café Valet Single-Serve Coffee System?

    Coffee Made Easy
    A perfect cup of drip coffee is ready in minutes.

    Coffee Made Delicious
    Every pre-packaged filter pack holds 100% Arabica coffee, guaranteeing high-quality aroma and flavor.

    Coffee Made Anywhere
    The light, compact Café Valet brewer goes everywhere and fits virtually anywhere. Coffee is available when and where you want it.

    Convenient, Clean, Versatile
    Single-cup, disposable brew baskets mean there’s never anything to wash, no grounds to clean up and no wasted coffee. The brewer is also great for making hot water for cocoa, tea, noodles, soup and more!

    Other single-serve brewers can cost up to five times more than ours and use three times the power.

    Over 100 million cups of coffee are made in Café Valet brewers every year. We’ve got brewing down.

    Safe and Built to Last
    The sturdy Café Valet brewer shuts off automatically and is UL approved for both commercial and household use. With simple periodic cleaning you’ll be enjoying our great coffee for years to come.

    NOTE: Seattle’s Best coffee only works in the Seattle’s Best brewer.

    NOTE: Starbucks coffee only works in the Starbucks brewer.

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    •    Dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee.
    •    100% Rainforest alliance certified™.
    •    Single-serve filter pack in a disposable brew basket.
    •    For use with the Café Valet Single-Serve Coffee system only.

    This coffee offers a wonderfully rich and dramatic combination of high grown Central and South American coffees accented with beans from Papua New Guinea. They're blended together and roasted to a beautiful dark brown with an even development of surface oils. Our Decaf French Roast is a coffee with presence, and a body that is smooth and deliciously heavy. French Roast Decaf is an all-natural, chemical-free decaf coffee. French Roast Decaf is used exclusively with the Café Valet Single-Serve Coffee System and comes in a patented filter pack with disposable brew basket.

    Tasting Notes:
    While we roast this blend in traditional French Roast style, we do it with a Caribou Coffee twist, which means it will not be as dark and oily as some French Roasts. Our technique produces a decadent coffee with bittersweet cocoa notes that contrast with a wonderful tart apple acidity, and finishes with subtle smoky tones.

    Roastmasters Notes:
    •    Tart, apple acidity
    •    Silk, heavy body

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