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San Francisco Cited as Most Pretentious American City

Café Valet Pretension Index Looks at Most and Least Pretentious American CitiesST. LOUIS — Noting an increase in macchiato swirls, poetry readings, Moleskines and animal acupuncturists, Café Valet has cited San Francisco as America’s Most Pretentious City in their first annual Pretension Index, a quantitative analysis of pretension levels in America.Developed by a team of [...]

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Coffee Isn't Just for Mornings

Recently, I’ve been thinking back on when my kids were born at the hospital. Lots of nurses and doctors worked overnight to take care of us. They needed coffee to deliver my kids and care for us. Ironic. Now I need coffee because of my children. (I wonder if coffee companies know just how much [...]

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Life Before the Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Believe it or not, coffee didn’t start with perfectly packaged coffee pods growing on trees at your local supermarket. Nowadays, the coffee-making process has changed so much and spread so far that it’s hard to imagine how it got its start. Before it was pre-packaged and available for single-serve machines, coffee started as a curious [...]

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What Kind of Coffee Are You?

These habits will help you identify what kind of coffee best describes your personality.Many of us in the parent universe need a little help to get through the day. For most of us, one of the biggest “little helpers” is coffee. But how you drink your coffee and what kind of coffee you drink says [...]

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Seattle Coffee Nonsense

I hate the mall. I really do. And it’s for a variety of reasons. But it seems that every time I venture back into one — typically just to accompany a friend or family member — I accidentally overhear something that rubs me the wrong way.Just the other day, I was walking through a mall [...]

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​You Don’t Know Joe: Stump your local barista with this coffee trivia

Nowadays, baristas really have to know their stuff. Mochas, cappuccinos, single-origin beans, pour over coffee — I can’t keep track! Although, I am curious how well they really know their stuff. There seems to be a whole world of coffee knowledge out there. I wonder if they can keep up!I’ve looked up some obscure coffee [...]

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Coffee: Because Other Habits Are Bad for You

We live in a crazy world. With more and more gadgets and all sorts of strange pop culture stuff nowadays, I just can’t keep up. I like to keep my focus on what I know and trust: coffee.That’s why I laugh off the critics who warn me about my coffee habit. Sure, I drink quite [...]

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All You Need Is Love … and Coffee (But Mostly Really Just Coffee)

Sometimes at the end of a crazy day, I look at my kids when they’re asleep (by far the best hour of the day), and I think that the Beatles were right. All you need is love. Then the morning comes around, and we’re rushing to get people to school, work, wherever, and I just [...]

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​6 Activities That Are Better with a Cup of Coffee

We've all been there: situations in which a freshly brewed cup of coffee would have really come in handy. We’re not talking scenarios where you typically have your coffee at the ready. We’re talking about the moments in which you realize it is the perfect addition to a tricky situation. Hiking. We all love some quality [...]

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Farewell, Mr. Coffee

I’m not a sentimental guy, but when people of note pass on to the next life, it periodically registers on my radar. And that was the case recently when I saw an obituary in the newspaper for someone named Vincent Marotta Sr.Who was Mr. Marotta? Well, he was the creator of the Mr. Coffee machine. [...]

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